100% Hand Made

I guarantee the workmanship of my products. If you doubt its structural integrity, send it back. If you're not satisfied with workmanship, send it back. If you burn it up, it's all yours. Let's be realistic here. That doesn't mean I won't help you fix it back up.

10-15% of profits, on average, from all handmade items will be donated to support Firefighter charities, relief funds, or support groups.

My name is Dennis Mann, a firefighter located in coastal South Carolina.  I’ve always preferred the durability of leather over synthetics for my helmet, suspenders, boots, radio strap, and helmet front. I’ve always been able to repair my own leather items, but it wasn’t until I changed stations and realized I needed a new helmet front, that I decide to make my own.  I fell in love with the craft. Like you, I wanted to display my company proudly.  I didn’t want a machine-pressed helmet front.  I wanted a helmet front that represented my company and me: just a little rough around the edges. 

Why Crude Dude? ​ ​

Could it be that I prefer to get dirty? Maybe. The fact that I often say the wrong thing at the wrong moment? Possibly. Because I make tough products for a tough profession? Getting warmer. Is it that my handmade leather products are crafted from all natural, raw materials? Nailed It! Crude Dude leather products are exactly that, crude materials turned into tough-as-nails fire service leather shields, tools, and straps by hand. I take great pride in producing shields that fit your needs, display your pride, and represent you. I know the beating that our gear, especially our helmet shields take, so I fashion a product that can take an ass whipping.

Helping Your Brothers


100 % Handmade
From cutting, shaping, and dying; its all handmade with American made products.